MARRACH Education Mission 2020

MARRACH is partnering with Full STREAM Prep an early learning program that centers and allows children to absorb vital skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation!  Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Math and Arts are the skills we use to encourage children to express their ideas in a wide variety of creative ways in a safe and secure environment.

Full STREAM PREP program explores and discovers STREAM learning through engaging, thinking, doing, and measuring experiences!


S is for Science

FSP science program will bring the natural scientist out of children assisting them on how to figure out how things work using the scientific method in each situation. The scientific method includes observing, forming questions, making predictions, designing and carrying out experiments, and discussing.

T is for Technology

FSP’s technology is embedded into each class no matter the subject. FSP technology program will support children’s cognitive development, because as children play with these tools, they observe and learn from the underlying cause and effect.

R is for Reading

Early literacy is important at Full STREAM Prep. Reading, rhyming, singing and talking at early ages profoundly influences literacy and language development. We focus on reading as  a way of connecting and engaging before children enter school. Full STREAM Prep’s goal is to teach them invaluable words and learning skills.

E is for Engineering

Engineering can be found early at in FSP’s curriculum with the use of Legos, train tracks and building blocks for example.  Foundational engineering skills are taught in Full STREAM Prep curriculum to help prepare children for elementary. Children will work on concepts for different lessons allowing them to apply their knowledge to something practical. FSP engineering space will allow children to expand their experience

A is for Arts

FSP Arts program engages children in movement, painting, pretend play, drawing and music! Art is a sensory expression that critical in FSP’s curriculum. Arts is the building block in early years as it supports child’s development in various ways. Arts is accessible for children with differing abilities enabling our Full STREAM Prep children to experience success in their learning. FSP thoughtfully plans, challenges and engages early mathematics to our curriculum.

M is for Math

Little Mathematics at FSP begins with fun and foundational number interactive activities.  FSP provides the tools to learn and grasp math concepts like counting, sorting, patterning and number sense skills with interactive toys and supplies.  FSP makes math a central part of children’s learning. FSP thoughtfully plans, challenges and engages early mathematics to our curriculum

Give with Confidence…Make 2020 a year of Innovation, Education and Creation with Full STREAM PREP!!  We take responsibility as stewards of your contributions seriously.

Grants will be used to subsidize the Full STREAM Prep programs for the learning Academy.


Target Demographics

Midland, Texas is a thriving hub for oil and gas growth and opportunity. With the increase of families moving to the Permian basin our population has grown tremendously. Unfortunately, we have many families who are not employed in the ever-growing petroleum industry and struggle to pay for learning center tuition and fees.  

Why the STREAM Initiative?

These curriculum areas have become a major focus in education because of the concern that the United States is falling behind in scientific innovation. With a new and familiar addition to the acronym, A (for the Arts), STEAM integrates and uses the arts in the STEM curriculum to help children express STEM concepts. Since the arts are a natural part of early childhood education, adding this element may help more teachers find ways to work STEM concepts into the curriculum.

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