Message from the CEO…

We invite you to join MAARHCAC (Midland African-American Roots Historical/Cultural Arts Council Inc.) to support the organization and its projects. MAARHCAC organized for the purpose of bringing to Midland a cultural revolution of art works, crafts, artifacts, literature, contemporary art and photographs, performing arts, musicians, theater, and music appreciation. To create a permanent facility where all people can learn and share in the appreciation of African American history and culture. MAARHCAC is organized for charitable and educational purposes and to improve, enhance, and beautify. The organization’s goal is to emphasize and enhance culture and human dignity. MAARHCAC is a non-profit tax exempt 501c3 organization. MAARHCAC is supported by funds received from donations, grants and projects. NIA Productions is an incorporated entity and is umbrelled by MAARHCAC.

Robbyne Hocker Fuller, CEO
Eva Carter, Chair
James E. Fuller, Education Director
Toyia Zachery, New Directions Director
Marcia Cleaver, Odessa Connection
Ana Bailey
Gwen Burns
John Austin Joiner
Ryan Kelly
Alta Striggles Lee
Bettie Nelms

Your support the MAARCHCAC, now and in the future, is greatly appreciated.  It will help us continue to educate and present African American culture in all its realities to young and old.  It will also aid in our ability to build community around current events and activities.